Curriculum Vitae

Education Vladimir Kuzmin

Moscow, Russia | +7 916 553 1494 |


Moscow State university, Physical department | 2005 

Many courses ant trainings in following fields:

·     Management
·     IT
·     Sales

Key knowledge and skills


·     Conversion of business needs into detailed technical specifications taking into account technical, economical and other limitations
·     Management of technology part of the company at any level
·     Formation of a strategic vision of the technological component of the company and its justification for the board of directors and investors
·     Technical solution architecture development
·     Formation of project teams and project teams management
·     Project budgeting and budget balancing according to business needs and existing limitations
·     Development of processes and regulations according to company’s business needs
·     Process-based IT management
·     Systems exploitation
·     Systems development according to company’s strategy and budget

Management and business development

·     Strategy development, both company and department according to company strategy
·     Business planning
·     Make business or it’s part as a system
·     Budgeting and budget execution both for entire the company and the single department
·     Business process development and optimization at any level of the company
·     Creation of teams both in certain areas and cross-functional
·     Team management, group of teams management, company management
·     Creation and development of motivation system at different levels and specialties
·     Statement, distribution and control of tasks execution
·     Project management both classic and agile project management methodology
·     «Helicopter view» at entire the business

Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, mining

·     Development of concepts and architecture of BlockChain-based services and systems
·     Strong knowledge of opportunities, options, constrains and threats of existing and future technologies
·     Strong knowledge of applicability of technology to business needs
·     Mining hardware development
·     Development and deployment of mining supporting systems (monitoring, management, optimization etc.)
·     Detailed knowledge of technology and market development and future


·     Creation of sales departments from scratch
·     Staff motivation systems development
·     KPI development and control of KPI reach
·     Training of personnel in sales methods
·     Personal sales, including sales to VIP
·     CRM creation, development and deployment
·     Presentations development


Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and mining projects | CIO, consultant | 01.2016 – present

·     Experience in BlockChain, Cryptocurrency and Mining since 2016
·     Developed 3 generations of professional GPU-based mining hardware
·     Mining data center remote monitoring and management system deployed
·     2 own mining data centers are installed and managed (ETH 12 GHs, ETH 45 GHs)
·     3 mining data centers installation and exploitation advised (ETH 12 GHs, BTC 3 PHs, 21 PHs)
·     Advised installation of large scale container-based data center (14 containers of hardware)
·     Developed own container-based data center solution
·     Direct relationships with the largest manufacturers of mining equipment and components
·     Consulted Government customers on creation of BlockChain-based systems
·     Several BlockChain-based systems concepts for business, government and cross-government purposes has been designed

Answerall call-center | Owner and CEO | 10.2013 – 10.2015

·     Outsourcing call-center for cold-calls has been created and managed
·     Business processes for entire the company has been developed and deployed
·     Sales methodology for various products and services has been developed and deployed
·     Marketing instruments for work improvement has been developed and deployed
·     Company’s services sales strategy and methodology has been developed and deployed
·     Sales department created, trained and managed
·     Personal sales to VIP
·     Continuous learning and training for sales managers and call-center operators
·     Full sales outsourcing for one of clients

ABB | Head of Service Desk | 01.2013 – 10.2013

·     Theory of constrains approach has been applied
·     IT HelpDesk business processes has been redesigned according to system constrains and bottle-necks analysis results
·     Number of staff has been decreased with simultaneously KPI improvement
·     Average time of incident solution decreased in 5 times
·     Average time of incident reaction decreased in 10 times
·     Amount of incidents, solved at 1st line of ServiceDesk increased for 60%

Consulting IT projects | Consultant | 06.2012 – 12.2012

1.       IT infrastructure optimization project
·     Detailed audit of company’s IT infrastructure
·     Created goal IT infrastructure
·     Migration to the new IT infrastructure has been done
·     Service Desk implementation project has been done, including processes and procedures development
·     Staff trainings has been done
2.       IT-management processes development and deployment
·     Key IT management processes has been developed and deployed according to ITIL (Service management, Capacity management etc.)
·     Theory of constrains approach has been used to optimize Service Desk processes
·     Average time of incident solution decreased in 5 times

Yves Rocher Russia | CIO Russia | 03.2011 – 05.2012

·     IT strategy has been developed. The following 3 years the company has been working according to this strategy.
·     IT budget has been developed and executed
·     Described and optimized business processes both within the IT department and the interaction of the IT department with other departments of the company
·     Service Desk system developed and deployed
·     Full-stack IT support of company’s and franchisee retail shops has been provided (246 shops in the country)
·     A maximum possible shop IT system downtime has been decreased in 2 times
·     Service and hardware cost has been decreased for 15% with simultaneously improvement of suppliers and service providers relationships
·     Initiated, elaborated and partially implemented projects of several business systems, including Electronic Document Flow, Personal Data Protection (Federal Law 152), Intranet portal etc.
·     Developed and deployed IT support business processes and procedures of department management according to ITIL
·     The project of failure tolerant IT solution for Russian office is developed and deployed, including IT architecture design to avoid any single point of failure
·     The program of staff trainings is designed and started

Quelle Russia | IT Operations manager | 06.2008 – 03.2011

·     Active participation in IT strategy development
·     Designed and implemented group operational processes and procedures, new employees adaptation and learning methodics, regulations of the interaction of the group with users and service providers, the major part of the operational documentation
·     Development and deployment of the Infrastructure Outsourcing and Genesys Contact Center
·     Personal data protection system is developed and implemented according to Federal Law 152
·     SLA with internal customers, suppliers and service providers developed and deployed
·     Formation and management of internal IT Service Desk team
·     Developed and deployed KPI-based staff motivation system
·     Service providers and suppliers management

Quelle Russia | System administrator | 01.2007 – 06.2008

·     Setup and administration of the company’s IT systems (more than 50 servers and 250 workstations)
·     Systems and services are systemized and optimized
·     Developed Service Continuity System and Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP & BCP)
·     Operational interaction with service providers and suppliers
·     Participated in the design of the Infrastructure Outsourcing project

Alpha-IT | founder and ceo | 06.2005 – 01.2007

·     Team formation and training
·     Sells of company’s services
·     Customer’s servers, computers and networks support according to SLA
·     Development and deployment IT systems, including from scratch
·     Existing system optimization and redesign
·     Ensuring of information security
·     Total number of servers and computers more than 1 000

Freelancer | 01.2000 – 06.2005

·     Customer’s servers, computers and networks support
·     Development and deployment IT systems, including from scratch
·     Ensuring of information security
·     Total number of servers and computers more than 100

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